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Your partner in IT.

All of your technology needs in one place.

Managed IT Services

Our team will help you with your device and technology issues.

Managed Security Services

Take control of your systems security, stopping problems before they start.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Ensure your business keeps functioning when things go wrong. 

Cloud Hosting

Let us help you identify the cloud solutions and hosing that’ll help your organization run more smoothly. 

We are committed to you.

Clarity provides hands on, dependable technical support. Our goal is to make sure your technology needs are met to keep your business going and safe.

Safe and Secure

We keep two copies of your data on our systems. We check it daily to make sure it is good, easily recoverable and duplicated on redundant systems and connections. We place such a high value on your data that we encrypt it using a FIPS 140-2 certified encryption process using encryption keys set and controlled by you.


Our dedicated support representatives monitor your backups 24×7, and if you’re having issues our team will be reaching out to make sure you aren’t in a bad spot if something does happen. You’ll be left to focus on your business and not the tools that make sure your business is good in case of a bad day.

Always on the ready

Clients choosing to use our Backup + solution benefit from having our team independently work on and fix problems surrounding their backup(s). In this process, we only involve our clients when it’s absolutely critical to move forward. Freeing them and their team up to work on more important daily tasks.


Ransomware and Crypto-ware attacks are growing at an alarming rate. We do everything we can to make sure you are protected. Your data is protected from malware, hardware failure, insider threat, and user error. This ensures that your data is safe no matter what might happen to it.

Customer satisfaction is our
number one priority!