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We physically protect your data through our SSAE16 Type II compliant physical security procedures. On a logical level our backup solutions encrypt your data using a FIPS 140-2 certified 256 bit encryption process before it ever leaves your systems. Once it’s transmitted to us, the data is replicated to a second system keeping two copies on our servers, and then our Autonomic Healing processes continually check all of the data on our systems to make sure it’s good and ready to be restored daily. You have the choice to give us the encryptions keys for safe keeping, or you can choose to keep them yourself to make sure even we can’t access it.

Our system checks the files before it’s encrypted, after it’s encrypted, and after it’s been uploaded to make sure that the file backed up is the same file you wanted to be backed up, not a corrupted or messed up version of it. The autonomic healing process takes it a step further by continually cycling through every file that is stored on our systems and checking to make sure it’s good and ready to be restored.

Our Autonomic Healing Process checks the data, but our software has the ability to Validate your data as well. This means that it will process the data just as if it’s restoring the data, decompressing it, reassembling it, and checking the files to make sure they are the same files that were backed up from your system.

Local backups allow you to restore faster while online backups protect your data from failures that might go beyond simple things. A local backup means that the data is in your environment, ready to be restored back to a repaired or replaced machine. An online backup protects you from things like theft, fires, natural disasters, and malicious activities that could compromise your files. Our software provides the ability to do both local and online backups under a single piece of software giving you the advantages of both while making it simple and easy to know your backups are running.

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