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Cloud Hosting

Moving to the cloud has never been easier.

High Availability

High redundancies that provides 99.99% uptime


Built with security in mind to keep you and your organization safe

Cost Effective

Reduce your hardware costs by implementing virtualization, while helping you maintain security, and reliability.

Migrating to the Cloud can and will improve the technology you use to run your business.

The engineers at Clarity will work with you to leverage various Cloud technologies to help you create both a cohesive and reliable network of technologies to keep your business running. Our team will identify and implement tools for Small & Medium Businesses all the way up to the Enterprise. You no longer need to be a big company to be able to afford and see the advantages of these tools, and our team of experts will help you navigate and understand these technologies to make sure you’re using the right solution for your needs.


• Leverage technology solutions that are less prone to the physical issues that might happen in your offices and homes.
• Stop having to buy new and updated hardware all the time. Hosted servers can easily move to the newest, the latest, and the greatest hardware with almost no disruption.
• Get access to networking and security technologies that are cutting edge and typically too expensive for all but the biggest organization to afford.
• Start utilizing tools like File Shares and Databases without having to buy another dedicated server to keep costs down.
• Make it easier to give your employees the tools to help them be productive whether they’re working from home, the office, or across the world.
• Improve your companies ability to secure and control the information you rely on.

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