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Back up and Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data has never been easier.


Our software ensures your data is there when you need it. We’re continually checking every single file on our systems making sure its ready to be restored. On top of that we keep multiple copies of your data on multiple systems.

Quick Data Recovery

Clarity provides both the resilience of having your data online and speed of local backups, all while giving you the ability to automatically replicate it. What this really means is that we’re dedicated to helping you get back up and running in your time of need. Whether you want to download it or have us ship your data to you on a hard drive, we’ve got you.

Custom Plans to Fit Your Business

Backup what you want, when you want it, and keep it as long as you want it. Our backups are tailored to your needs


Your data is protected against ransomware, viruses, failures, and people. We ensure your data is safe regardless. Our FIPS 140-2 Certified Encryption processes keep us from accessing your data, while our backup process keeps anything that happens on your side from damaging your backup, accidental or otherwise.

58% Of Businesses Have No Backup Plan For Data Loss.

Small Business Trends, 2017

Safe and Secure

Clarity complies with the most rigorous standards and uses some of the strongest technologies today ensuring your data is protected against everyone’s worst nightmares.

  • FIPS 1040-2 Encryption
  • Redundant Networks
  • Replicated Backups
  • Autonomic Healing
  • Tier III Designed Facility
  • Redundant Internet
  • Automated Restore Testing
  • 256 Bit Encryption

Protected Against

Accidental Deletion


Hardware Failure

Malicious Attacks

On Average, Small Companies Lose Over $100,000 Per Ransomware Incident Due To Downtime.

CNN Money, 2017


Our system allows you to keep your data accessible as long as you want to. You’re in control of how long your data stays in the Cloud, based on your needs, not because we decided. Clarity’s service doesn’t force you to use one size fits all retention rules like other providers. You aren’t going to lose the data you store on our systems because of a decision someone else made for you, that you cant control.

Disaster Recovery

Whether you want to test the recovery process or you’re in the middle of a disaster, our support is here to help. With our software you can automate the restoring data for testing and peace of mind. Additionally we have the ability to replicate your data to another system and if you want we can host a dedicated disaster recovery environment for you. This means you’re ready to go the second something happens.

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